From a lady via Ross Muir who has done papers on Statistics at Harvard University:

The MoH calculated the numbers based on the 2018 census and DHB numbers of people who visited their GP’s or hospital during 2020 — it was never based on current residential population.

They also never said “total population” — they called it “eligible population” and 90% of the eligible population was ‘vaccinated’ when the eligible population was only MIQ workers, nurses and people over 80. Then they said 90% of the eligible population was ‘vaccinated’ when the eligible population was only people over 75, then they lowered it to 65, then 55, then 45. By the time they started jabbing people under 45 they stopped reporting what percentage of the population was jabbed and instead started reporting on how many jabs had been administered.

Even the Mainstream Media reported last week that the MoH numbers are highly overinflated as they miscounted the Māori population alone by over 100,000 people.

Based on statistics published 31 December 2021, New Zealand’s current residential population is 5,127,100. According to records there are 213,449 Children under the age of 5 in NZ.

So if we subtract the latter, it leaves a total population of 4,913,651 over the age of 5 who are eligible for ‘vaccinations’.

The MoH report “people vaccinated” in their news update daily..

As of today:

127,191 Children 5-11 have been fully vaxxed.

4,005,746 People 12+ have been ‘vaccinated.’

So that’s 4,132,937 fully vaccinated people in NZ.

Of these people 2,674,928 are boosted, which leaves 1,458,009 ‘Fully Vaccinated’ people.

And — 780,714 Unvaccinated people over the age of 5 in NZ.

Covid cases since Covid began

573,340 were Boosted

449,830 were Fully ‘Vaccinated’

48,419 were Unvaccinated

That means..

21.43% of the Boosted population have caught Covid

30.85% of the Fully Vaccinated population have caught Covid

6.21% of the Unvaccinated population have caught Covid

Breaking cases down into per 100,000 across vaccination status shows…

21,433 per 100,000  Boosted people have had Covid since February

30,852 per 100,000  Fully Vaccinated people have had Covid since August 2021

  6,211 per 100,000  Unvaccinated people have had Covid since Covid began in 2020

 This compares with stats from other countries. The graphs below are percentages, so are not affected by the difference in the actual numbers vaxxed or unvaxxed.