A compilation of Social Media comments by Jim Cable

Gunny sack and cardy. How stunning and brave.  

If she insists on wearing a sack, at least get an iron.

You’d think with all that $ she’d be able to afford a nicer sack.

Linen requires ironing, cardigans and sneakers don’t belong in diplomatic settings. Comfort and smartness is not hard to achieve, especially on a large income. Try harder.

Looks like she’s just mowed the lawns!

Why is her hair always a mess and her clothes wrinkled? This is how she presents a supposedly 1st world nation?

doesn’t care about her appearance, doesn’t care about democracy

Looks like she’s had a rough night sleeping on Queen St.

I thought it was prison uniform

Trashy, trashy, trashy.

I’ll bet the bloke feels a little over-dressed He could have shown up in shorts and jandals [flip flops], if only he had known   

Is this a sackcloth and ashes event?

WTF she’s wearing sneakers. Classy move although probably better than barefoot like the rest of the Whanau

 I’ve seen unmade beds that looked tidier!

About sums up the state of NZ