from the Breaking Views blog

I have been observing the mainstream media for the past 60 years, closely for the past 35.  

I have watched it go into hiding over the past 5 years, having sold its soul, its reason for being, and its responsibilities, in exchange for the bribes offered by a government more evil and corrupt than previously imaginable in New Zealand.  

With this ill-gotten largesse, investigative journalism seems to have all but vanished.

Instead the media praise the facile talents of our Prime Minister while ignoring the obvious jeopardy of her policies.  

They laud her shallow and glitzy persona and pass over her lies and modus operandi of deceit.  

They side-step her government’s litany of broken promises and failures in almost every area: housing, poverty, homelessness, race relations, education, health, etc, and we may soon add covid.

When we have a government determined to sacrifice democracy for tribal rule, a responsible media would be cataloguing the success of such policy where it has been actioned, for example in Rwanda or Zimbabwe.

But alas, a media suckled on the government breast has little need to support itself.

With a background in farming and advertising, Garrick Tremain is one of New Zealand’s best known cartoonists and political commentators. He is also an accomplished watercolor landscape artist. You can see his work on his website HERE