by a pro- medical choice supporter in Brisbane

I went to the Brisbane rally today and I met a Dr named Dr Luke McLindon. He leads the fertility services at the Mater hospital and is the principal investigator for a series of randomised controlled trials. He is also the President of the Australasian Institute for restorative Reproductive Medicine! He is top Dr in Australia in this field!

And he has been sacked! He just got sacked on Friday for not getting the jab and for trying to release his data on miscarriages post the jab. He has until next Friday to get out of his private practice rooms as he is no longer allowed to practice public or private!

He told me that he has been investigating miscarriages in couples/women post vaccination. He said a normal miscarriage rate is between 5-14%, sometimes up to as high as 16%. But as he has been keeping stats since the introduction of the vaccine, he has found that 74% of women who are vaccinated are now having miscarriages!

Unbelievable… They are trying to hide this data and sacking anyone who speaks out! His career has just gone out the window! He is now spearheading ‘Doctors against Mandates’ initiative, a collaboration of Doctors who until now have remained publicly silent. Thank goodness there are still some doctors with morals and values left in the world