If so, how, to what extent and what can we do about it?

by Guy Hatchard

The police and other ‘experts’ in New Zealand are complaining that digital ‘deep fake’ tools pose a threat to our justice system. A rendering of Jacinda Ardern with a modified hairstyle is used as an example. Meanwhile, mathematician Igor Chudov, has reported that California has joined Germany, Hungary, Taiwan, UK, and Sweden in registering a large drop in the birth rate. Read his report here.

We have the highest rate of excess all cause mortality in the world. Our hospital system is overwhelmed.

Birth rates are dropping around the world. Suicide, mental illness and violent crime is rising precipitously. The global economy is floundering. But our police are worried that someone might use their computer to make a realistic cartoon of the prime minister doing something out of character. Am I missing something here?

Yesterday a dear friend who has been helping people in New Zealand injured by the Pfizer mRNA vaccine sent me a 476 page document containing thousands of short personal accounts of vaccine injury and death.

Am I surprised that the police, like those in Uvalde, Texas, have initiated no action? Rather they are anxious to close a ‘loophole’ in the law that allows people to play with their computers, but look the other way if people die suddenly and unexpectedly in large numbers.

Has the response to the pandemic changed the way we think?

The pandemic has highlighted huge gaps in our understanding of human consciousness. We have moved rapidly and far into an era of social polarisation, which is more representative of a prelude to social conflict than a health crisis. Curiously missing is a sense of human compassion. In the animal kingdom biting and stinging without remorse is to be expected, but we did not expect ethical considerations to be cast aside in a similar brutal fashion in our human world.

There is no doubt that the refusal to countenance moral imperatives has become deep set and entrenched during the pandemic. In the face of mounting evidence of harm, most governments, health professionals, vaccine proponents, and commercial interests have stuck to their guns and refused to take real world data seriously. Respected scientists asking serious questions have been ignored and cancelled.

One of the hallmarks of the heights of human sensibility is the capacity to balance the individual and the social interest with compassion. Heroes like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi led their long oppressed nations to freedom through years of forbearance and fortitude, which blossomed into forgiveness and understanding at the time of victory.

Our modern day leaders are rushing to cast aside hard won freedoms and rights in the service of blatantly commercial causes and overt prejudice. Nor do they shrink from promoting groundless fear and stress.

I am not alone in wondering whether Covid ‘vaccines’ damage higher human functions. The capacity for moral reasoning, compassion, justice, inference, transcendence, and intuition, which mark out the high points of the human species, appears to be diminished at this time.

Anyone who is engaged in a dialogue with the authorities or publishing on the net will tell you that principles of rational thought and evidence are no longer the deciding arbiters of public truth. There is virtually nothing that qualifies as an open scientific debate taking place.

On a number of occasions pandemic commentator Steve Kirsh has offered huge financial incentives and bets, as much as $1 million, to set up publicly moderated debates, but there have been no takers.

The structure of human consciousness

The origins of both human reasoning and compassion do not lie in a single gene or even a small collection of genes. They are supported by the collective functioning of the whole physiology. They find their counterpart in the balance or homeostasis of the physiology and in the operation of the immune system which protects the integrity of the physiology.

It is already well understood that drugs have both a physiological and a psychological impact, the alteration of the genetic and epigenetic basis of the physiology through genetic vaccines will not prove an exception to this rule, but will likely prove to have a more serious effect on mental disposition.

To begin to apprehend how our consciousness and physiology interact, it is necessary to investigate those traditions of knowledge which aim to understand personal consciousness. Among them is Yoga which is not a belief system, it comprises a set of practices which generate experiences sufficient to verify its philosophy.

Yoga along with many other cultural traditions expounds an underlying unity of life. It defines four forms of speech.

Everyday verbal speech and mental dialogue (or thinking) are the first two.More subtle is the power of desire and the capacity to fulfil it.

The ultimate level of speech is referred to as ‘para’ which arises from a unity with nature in its broadest sense, something that the practice of Yoga seeks to awaken. It amounts to our most private yet universal Self, an almost silent level of speech, a state of knowingness and pure potentiality. We will refer to this as the least excited or ground state of consciousness.

Some physical analogies might help to clarify how consciousness functions. Four levels of speech, may be said to be parallel to four states of matter: gas, liquid, solid and macroscopic quantum coherent states.

Everyday gossip is sometimes described as ‘hot air’, a gas.

Internal dialogue and monologue is more substantial and fluid like a liquid.

Our fundamental forces of desire and drive are even more substantial, persistent, and solid.

The ground state of consciousness can be likened to coherent states of matter analogous to those found in a super conductor. In coherent states of matter, individual atoms merge together in a quantum state of coordination and collectively gain access to seemingly impossible abilities like frictionless flow.

Consciousness is absolutely the fundamental of the human condition. It is also well established that consciousness plays a pivotal role in physical theory. The evolution of quantum states is very instructive. Quantum states evolve as an abstract wave function—a superposition of all possible states in a virtual Hilbert space—until an intervention of consciousness, a measurement, takes place and the wave function collapses into a definite physical state.

In a sense, the ground state of consciousness operates as the quantum field of all possibilities. Poets have reported the most settled state of mind as a connection to the intelligence of nature. Familiarity with that state of unity is said to give rise to the spontaneous expression of that which is useful in the moment. For example William Wordsworth wrote:“….that blessed mood In which the burthen of the mystery In which the heavy and the weary weight Of all this unintelligible world, Is lightened:—that serene and blessed mood, In which the affections gently lead us on,—Until, the breath of this corporeal frame And even the motion of our human blood Almost suspended, we are laid asleep In body, and become a living soul: While with an eye made quiet by the power Of harmony, and the deep power of joy, We see into the life of things….”

Consciousness and matter

Many physicists have suggested that the most unified level of physical reality is in fact consciousness itself, in its pure, universal, or unified state.

Many spiritual practices have measurable and repeatable effects particularly including meditations, which can have a normalising impact on a very broad range of physiological functions such as blood pressure, improved immune function, and reduced incidence of disease. In addition there are measurable psychological effects.

I examine and reference a great many of these in my book Your DNA Diet. I was able to locate over 250 published studies of meditation which support positive effects on 45 key measures of ‘Quality of Life’ identified by health economists in the fields of physiology, psychology, and behaviour.

The psychological effects include reduced anxiety and stress, increased intelligence, field independence, optimisation of the brain, capacity for moral reasoning, improved concentration, emotional stability, improved memory, and reduced anger and depression.

My point here is that not just health, but also a balanced state of mind depends on a very balanced state of the WHOLE physiology. Damage or limit the inherent balanced, reflective, and flexible functioning of the physiology and the immune system, as mRNA vaccines apparently do, and potentially you are damaging your capacity to think clearly.

How does the ground state of our consciousness guide life?

The immune system has access to stored memories of past illness and pathogens, and a library of successful strategies. Many immune memories are inherited. But the invasion of novel pathogens and toxins (a process that modern living has accelerated), launches a systematic search for a fix.

The immune system has set patterns but in its search for a cure it also draws upon a highly creative process that must of necessity interface with all the time and distance scales of natural law including the least excited quantum level of life—a virtual superposition of all possible states.

Most successful immune responses are uniquely paired with the pathogen or toxin they are seeking to eliminate. Some, if not most, immune responses involve learning to live with the pathogen whilst simultaneously keeping it in check.

Thus the connection with the abstract quantum level of life, which is also the underlying universal field of consciousness, could be considered to be an essential element of the development of immune responses.

The parallels with our own experiences of consciousness should be apparent. We have characteristic patterns of speech, thought, and fundamental desires. Every so often we need to change gear to meet novel challenges and situations. We are hard wired via our physiology into the most settled state of consciousness—a creative field of all possibilities.

Our intellect, our memories, and our emotions are enriched through this connection which is a driving force of evolution for individuals and through them society at large.

The ground state of our existence is sometimes described as a rock, an anchor through the twists and turns of life. It is that quiet centre of life that we all sense as our substance, our Self.

Our intimate connection with the universal is what protects us and drives us forward. Saints such as Francis of Assisi are recorded as experiencing universal compassion for mankind and nature.

Our connection with and access to the universal level of consciousness depends on the orderly functioning of our whole physiology.

In what sense has the pandemic changed our psychology?

There is one characteristic of the psychology of those administering the pandemic, or one pointedly following the official advice, that is very obvious to the independent observer—reduced capacity to change direction, to change gear, to take account of situations outside the scope of previous usage.

Many commentators have discussed this. Some suggest that it may be the result of a deliberate plan to reset the world economy, others a result of mass formation—a sort of collective mind imposed by saturation propaganda.

There are reasons to support each of these ideas but also reasons to doubt they form the whole story. One problematic aspect of the psychological characteristics of the pandemic is their sudden onset. One week our Prime Minister was telling us she would never force anyone to vaccinate. Within days she enforced coercive vaccination mandates.

Clearly whole populations are not all co-conspirators seeking to reset the global economy, nor do they appear to have a personal interest in doing so, yet they are mostly compliant.

Our suggestion is that this could be due at least in part to the effect of genetic vaccines which limit the normal flexible pathways of the immune system. This may loosen our connection with our inner Selfand lead us to rely instead on more inflexible conceptions and behaviours.

Are there other parallel examples of cognitive impairment?

From a conventional physiological perspective, what could be going on? One possible model can be sought in Parkinson’s disease which is known to cause cognitive impairment in its later stages.

One cause is a drop in the level of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that is involved in regulating the body’s movements. Scientists investigating Parkinsons are looking at changes in two other chemical messengers — acetylcholine and norepinephrine — as possible additional causes of memory and executive function loss.

Areas most often affected include:

Difficulty with complex tasks that require a person with Parkinsons to maintain or shift their attention

Difficulties in generating, maintaining, shifting and blending different ideas and concepts.The analogy with Parkinsons is only partially helpful. The cognitive impairment involved takes years to develop, whereas the reported cognitive effects of mRNA vaccination such as brain fog and inflexibility can appear immediately.

mRNA vaccination potentially interferes with the genetic command and control system that controls neurotransmitters. This could explain why specific neural pathways could be directly switched off and instantly affected by Covid vaccination.

The effect of mRNA vaccination on these pathways has not yet been the subject of any research. Thus we don’t know how long such effects, if they exist, will last or how many people they affect. Nor do we know how to reverse any psychological impairment.

Where will this end?

This discussion has been speculative, pushing the boundaries of what we know and suspect. It seems clear that trials of mRNA vaccines should have included assessments of cognitive effects and alterations in neural pathways, but then again, if established protocols had been followed, mRNA vaccine trials should have been abandoned when the first deaths subsequent to vaccination were recorded. This didn’t happen. That in itself is a red flag indicating cognitive impairment.

We are in the middle of a global economic crisis during which corporations are making massive profits, at the expense of affordability. Thereby they are pushing populations into poverty which will ultimately damage their own corporate affairs. Health administrators cannot take rational account of real world health data if it contradicts their set ideas, even if it points to mass ill health.

Civilisations which lose their capacity to act rationally, inevitably fail. This is the challenge that the pandemic has thrown up—how do we correct the mistakes that are being made? We will have to dig deep to achieve that.

It is probable that the pathway out of the pandemic, aside from the cessation of risky biotechnology experimentation, should actually involve a process of rediscovering traditions of cultural knowledge and approaches to health which, in the headlong rush of modern living, we have carelessly forgotten or cast aside.

Thankfully this week the German Hospital Federation called for a cessation in the compulsory Covid vaccination program for health staff because data shows it is endangering health. New Zealanders received a text message offering them $100, a sausage sizzle, and a Mister Whippy ice cream if they came in for another shot. This is the kind of cognitive dissonance we are still facing.