“Please leave drums, horns, etc. at home. We want to commemorate the Nürnberg Code with dignity.”

This March took place on Saturday and was well attended by people around Germany and other countries. One of the Kiwis there was Outdoors and Freedom Party Co-Leader Sue Grey, who has led legal action against the Jacinda government over its breaches of Human Rights and other laws.

The Code arose as a consequence of the Nürnberg trials of 1946 following revelations about how the Nazis had forcibly subjected not only Concentration Camp prisoners, but its own citizens to experimental treatment, nearly always with severe or fatal consequences.

Nürnberg Code-violating governments like the Jacinda regime in NZ have forcibly imposed experimental dangerous mRNA ‘vaccines’ on citizens at the threat of job loss and social ostracization.

“No forced vaxxing”

“Voluntary consent uninfluenced through violence, fraud, cunning, pressure, deception, persuasion or duress…”