by Geoffrey Churchman

For 9 years Kapiti had a hard-working seat-holder on the Greater Wellington Regional Council in Nigel Wilson and the Kapiti district received a proportionately high share of GWRC spending: not just the extension of the commuter trains from Paraparaumu to Waikanae in 2011, but significant flood protection work for houses close to the Waikanae River.

Since 2016 and his unseating, Kapiti has received a proportionately low share of GWRC spending and as people know, the Rates have gone up. Gravel has built up in the Waikanae River and the channel needs deepening to prevent further flood risk.

The incumbent councilor, Penny Gaylor has been more interested in socializing with people she likes (and telling constituents she doesn’t like such as myself and Roger Childs to Stuff off.)

Better public transport for Waikanae and Otaki people is a top priority and he makes that very clear on his website

Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to Climatism (and we don’t), good public transport is crucial for reducing congestion on the roads, reducing parking congestion, and reducing air pollution.

In contrast to the incumbent, he says he is committed to good communications with constituents and bringing GWRC staffers out here. As Regional Councilor, Nigel Wilson regularly attended Community Board meetings; his successor has very rarely attended any or Council meetings either.

Asher wants Greater Wellington to play a strong role coordinating councils across the region, including in regional planning for growth, for transport and for economic development and tourism. “Too often Kāpiti’s voice has been ignored in these conversations, and we need a Councillor who knows how Wellington works and can make a real difference there.”

This includes advocacy for Kāpiti’s needs from WellingtonNZ, for both economic development and tourism — meaning attracting well-paying jobs and more great events to the District. Also important regularly meeting and working closely with Kāpiti Coast District elected members, to ensure we’re representing Kāpiti’s needs in a joined-up way in regional forums and working groups.

Asher has the active support of retiring KCDC Cr Gwynn Compton.

Even a shuttle service with a railcar like this German example between Waikanae and Levin would be better than nothing.