From 6-18 November, the Mainstream Media will turn its attention to Sharm El Sheikh, where the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) will take place.

The conference will be held under the slogan “Together for implementation”, and will see the participation of more than 100 heads of state, ministers, heads of international organizations, and NGOs — including of course James Shaw and “a panel representing Aotearoa’s rangatahi climate change leaders.”

It’s a great place to go — at present temperatures are a very nice 28-29C, the resort city has lots of upmarket accommodation and while they are not pontificating about CO2 and CH4 [mentioning all the emissions from the big fleet of private jets used to go there and back will be a no-no, of course], the participants will be able to lounge around, go snorkeling in clear waters amid coral reefs, and generally have a good time.

According to Egypt Independent, the Green Zone where the participants will enjoy themselves is:

  1. Established on over 11,000 square meters.
  2. Located next to al-Salam Environmental Park in front of the Conference Hall.
  3. Hosts entities and organizations applying for the initiative to implement green projects.
  4. Includes five air-conditioned halls to accommodate up to 300 bodies, organizations, associations and companies.
  5. Fully air-conditioned and equipped with services.
  6. Includes a fountain of more than five meters in height in the shape of a lotus flower.
  7. Includes green spaces and environmentally friendly buildings.
  8. Equipped with bathrooms for people with special needs.
  9. Features a small Bedouin village that serves as a guest house.
  10. Five corridors with a display of photos for environmentally friendly projects.

Isn’t being a well-connected Greenie hypocrite great?