Unsurprisingly the MSM have been gushing about Comrade Jacinda’s counterpart on the other side of the World, specifically in Finland, appearing on the ‘podium of truth’ alongside their idol.

According to Radio NZ:

“At the briefing Ardern said the talks she has held with Marin affirmed the warm relationship between two countries which were both committed to democratic values.”

Hmm, if Comrade Jacinda’s steady destruction of democracy is what will turn the Finns on, then yeah, that should help Comrade Sanna.

They had discussed the challenges facing the world, especially Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which both had strongly condemned. The conflict was literally on Finland’s doorstep, Ardern said.

Ah, not really — Helsinki is 1400 km from Kiev.

Marin stressed the need for both countries to work together to advance their common values. She said both also needed to continue their efforts in support of Ukraine. “We need a hard power when it comes to Ukraine. They need weapons, they need financial support. They need, right now, our support. And we need to make sure they win.

Ukraine won’t win: what the country needs is a Peace Treaty with Russia.

“We need to make sure the sanctions are harder and harder against Russia.”

The sanctions haven’t worked and they won’t. Those who are suffering the most are Ukrainians and the people of NATO countries, Russia is doing well from increased oil and gas prices.

She said while the people of Ukraine were suffering on a daily basis, the war was also having an impact worldwide. “We need to make sure the war stops as soon as possible.”

Can Comrade Sanna not see the inconsistencies and contradictions in what she says?

She expressed a hope that her visit — the first by a Finnish PM to Aotearoa — would move the relationship between two countries enjoying an excellent relationship to the next level.

There’s that Wokeist/Leftist A word, that should have pleased Comrade Jacinda.

Both leaders were asked about the responsibility they felt as being in the minority as women leaders. Ardern said it had been among the topics they had discussed and they had looked at what they could do together, especially where human rights were being violated.

What about the abuses of Human Rights that Comrade Jacinda has been responsible for? Again if that turns on the Finns…

The leader made headlines this year after the 36-year-old was filmed partying with her friends.

Actually it was a bit more than that; she was pictured getting very cozy with a man who wasn’t her husband.

When a photo was later published of two influencers kissing partially topless at her official residence Kesaranta at a different event, she apologised and admitted it was “inappropriate”.

What people do in private is their own business, but it’s certainly a lack of judgement to let it become public.

In July, Finland was invited to join NATO after the country had long held a non-military-aligned status. It had maintained a cordial relationship with Russia – but the war in Ukraine changed that.

Yeah, well, that’s what you get from expressing a belligerent attitude and inviting NATO forces to mass along the border with Russia. Did she not learn anything from the Ukraine conflict?