Steve Kirsch is the Executive Director of the U.S.-based Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and because this challenges the dishonest narratives of Big Pharma and corrupt governments in their pockets, is much disliked by these, which is of course the reason why he needs to be listened to. He considers Jacindaland’s covidiocy response to be worse than that of the U.S.

He is currently in Queenstown, NZ on vacation and was one of the interviewees on Counterspin Media‘s marathon in support of Baby Will today.

by Steve Kirsch on the Establishment’s attempt to discredit the documentary Died Suddenly

Jonathan Jarry, McGill University of Canada’s official covid “fact checker,” is back with yet another underwhelming “fact check,” this time on Died Suddenly.

The movie now has almost 12 million views on the official Rumble link alone.

His fact check starts with a statement that is easily verifiable as false and goes downhill from there. This is pretty much the best that they can do.

Jarry’s arguments in bold (followed by my commentary not in bold):

The producers of the movie don’t want you to do your own research. It’s right in the subtitle of his story. What do you think…did Jarry even bother to ask the producers that question? I’d like to hear the recording of him asking them that question!! I’d be amazed if he ever contacted them at all. Why bother to even try to contact a source when you can just make up what you want them to say? So how does he know what they want? I talk with Stew frequently and he wants impact. If the fact checkers went to Ryan Cole’s lab and looked at these clots first hand, I’m sure Stew would be 100% supportive. He wants the facts to get out. That’s why he made the movie.

You can’t trust embalmers who have been embalming for 40 years to know what they are doing. Wow. Stunning conclusion. Lacks evidentiary basis. Yes, they are not medical doctors. But that doesn’t mean they are stupid.

You can’t trust a room full of 100 embalmers who are seeing these unusual clots for the first time since the vaccine rolled out. Same comment. It’s just stunning how he can write all this stuff off because he said so.

You can’t trust one of the most experienced pathologists in the US who is also an MD who has seen these clots first hand. Jarry is only going to trust his hand-picked MDs who have NOT seen the clots. Why rely on the testimony of Cole? Cole is a very experienced pathologist and he’s seen the clots and he’s an MD too. What’s not to like? Nah! Better to trust the MDs who have not seen the clots. That’s what a fact checker is supposed to do: find people who agree with you and ignore people with first hand knowledge of the evidence under consideration.

You can only trust some MDs who have never personally seen any of these clots to assess what is actually going on. Actually, the criteria is whether they agree with you or not… whether they have seen the evidence under consideration isn’t really important.

If there is footage put in the movie to illustrate a concept, if that footage is flawed in some way, it’s grounds for dismissing everything else, especially the most important parts. A favorite fact checker technique is throwing the baby out with the bath water, so if there is bad footage that is misleading, use that to discredit the entire film including all the excess deaths we are all seeing and the clots seen by the embalmers. Throw the baby out with the bathwater. By focusing on the technical errors, he can avoid dealing with the big issues.

There is no need to take Ryan Cole up on his offer to actually go to his lab and look at these clots. After all, why would you ever need to actually look at the evidence? Yup, a good fact checker will avoid seeking out any evidence that goes against the views of the people who pay his salary. Stew Peters would love it if Jonathan Jarry were to take Ryan Cole up on his offer to look at the blood clots. What did Jarry do to verify that these clots were unusual? He believed people who never saw these clots, and disbelieved people (like Cole and the embalmers) who did. He made no effort to obtain a clot and analyze it himself. He made no attempt to contact one of the embalmers and observe it himself. He never reached out to Stew.

Would he ever take Dr. Cole up on his offer to have a look first hand at the clots? No chance. Not only that, but Jarry criticizes me for confronting Dr. Lee. OK, so what did Jarry do to find out why Grace Lee doesn’t want to see the Israeli safety data? Answer: he did absolutely nothing. He did just the opposite: he’s actually to ridicule people like me who attempted hold her accountable for looking at the safety data of the covid vaccine which is her #1 most important job. So I guess Jarry would have me keep trying techniques that didn’t work. By going to her house, I know have proof of service; she can’t say she didn’t know about the offer. None of those other methods worked. But if Jarry had a better suggestion, he didn’t disclose it. Why not?


Jonathan Jarry, McGill’s covid fact checker, is simply more interested in promoting the false narrative than he is in finding the truth. It’s pretty obvious from reading his “fact check” that this is what is really going on.

I predict that none of the “fact checkers” are going to be able to explain these clots. The only way something this extreme is going to get into so many people’s bodies is with an injection of some sort that is done on a massive scale. As far as I know, the covid vaccine is the only intervention that could be the possible cause. Even Jarry can’t propose an alternate explanation for what has happened. I haven’t seen anything that comes anywhere close to explaining the clots from anyone. Did I miss anything?