Liz Gunn received this text from a person at Stuff today. We present her statement in full for your awareness.

– Stuff: “Hi it’s tony wall here from Stuff. We are doing a story about the Queensland shooters referencing the baby will case and other anti-vaccine videos on their YouTube channel. Can you comment as to whether it’s concerning that cop killers have co-opted your message?”

– Liz Gunn’s response: “Tony, my statement is this: – please print it in full:

Most Kiwis are now awake to the unpalatable fact that Stuff is a very dark and evil media organisation intent on twisting the best and most loving aspects of good and brave and ethical Kiwis into headline-grabbing stories that bear no resemblance to the Truth.

Of course, it would break any good human heart to hear a news story claiming that someone patently insane has been so twisted as to misuse a story of a baby whose parents wanted one thing only: unjabbed blood to reduce the risks in their baby’s heart operation.

I cannot be responsible for the insanity of either that person or of you, Tony of Stuff, whipping up this piece of human insanity into a piece of stuffed media insanity. I can only hope you have a conscience somewhere buried deep under your hubris, that tells you that what you are a part of here is wrong, morally, ethically and journalistically.

Please print my statement here in full – otherwise you will be guilty of disinformation about me as you set about to crucify yet another loving and caring Kiwi. I can almost feel you salivating as you send this salacious and ugly message to me.

Shame on you. Be a better man. Lay down your poison pen and walk out of Stuff. Do something honourable for once Tony.

You and I both know this is a nonsense beat-up story, done to please your brutish government overlords.”

Update: the Stuffers actually did include this statement in their article