by Meghan McCain on The Daily Mail

Reports cards are in, Joe.

You get a big fat ‘F’ for communication skills.

As the year ends, President Biden has only given 7 formal interviews with professional journalists, down from 15 last year.

He’s held five solo press conferences in 2022 down from six in 2021. Trump delivered 18 and 19 respectively, over the same period.

It’s unprecedented to have a modern president so cordoned off from the media, but that’s only part of the problem. The real trouble starts when Joe actually begins speaking.

On Tuesday, video emerged of Biden chit-chatting with an Iranian activist at a November 6th campaign rally for a California Democrat.

‘President Biden can you please announce that JCPOA [2015 Iran nuclear deal] is dead? Can you just announce that?’

‘No,’ he said,

‘No, why not?’ she asked.

‘A lot of reasons. It is dead, but we’re not gonna announce it,’ Biden replied.

Ummm… Mr. President, you just did ‘announce’ it.

The Iran nuclear deal was one of the most controversial and consequential foreign policy agreements deals in recent memory. Remember the pallets of cash delivered directly to the mullahs during the Obama administration?

A president sticking a fork in it certainly has domestic and geopolitical ramifications. So why not make this announcement official? Don’t say nothing, don’t start nothing as the old adage goes.

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Install a senile Pentagon puppet in the White House and it’s what you get?