by Geoffrey Churchman

Otaki electorate candidate Tim Costley drives a vintage Fordson Power Major tractor.
National MP Todd Muller on a Ford 2000 Lutz tractor. (The Ford mini tractor visible at left actually goes.)

Eva and I went to this yesterday, a sunny day until about 2 pm when clouds came over, but they helped cool down the warm temperature.

Politics was the main reason for our going there, lending our support to Tim Costley’s campaign to become the next Otaki electorate MP. Despite Chris Luxon’s diplomatic reaction to Jacinda’s departure, nearly everyone we spoke to was delighted to see her go.

Eva at National’s gazebo during a quiet moment.
Passers-by ticks for what is the most important issue to them as at about 2 pm. We are assured that National is opposed to so-called ‘co-governance’ a.k.a. Apartheid in any public services. As well as the Expressway to Levin, Tim Costley wants to see commuter trains to Levin.

We also met and had a long chat with ACT MP Nicole McKee. ACT are also telling people to give their electorate vote to Tim Costley, but of course they want people’s party votes. She told us that both she and David Seymour spoke to protestors against Labour’s vax mandates on the first day outside parliament last February, and that their policy has always been one of opposition to them and any coercion of any medical treatment — they believe in bodily autonomy. She said that David Seymour’s support for vaxes comes from the fact that his mother was the last person in NZ to catch polio.

When we mentioned this government’s racism, Nicole made clear that neither she nor ACT have any time for it. “Don’t get me started on Labour’s Maori caucus… I’m of Maori descent, and I’m proud of it, but I’m also proud of my Irish and Scottish ancestry.” It’s clear that in the next National-ACT government, racial seperatism is going out the window, and special privileges for elites will instead be replaced by equal rights for all.

Judging the prize bull contest. Needless to say, James Shaw’s fart tax is hated by farmers.
Wood chopping contest.