by Peter Davis

In my essay I explain my reasons for asking government to:

  1. Stop attempting to prevent climate change, and use the funds saved to invest in flood defences such as sea walls, better storm water systems, etc.
  2. Remove all (taxpayer-funded) subsidies of forestry.
  3. Stop interfering with farmers and burdening them with additional taxes. Modern farmers in New Zealand care and know more about their own land and animals than any urban academics, bureaucrats, or politicians.
  4. Withdraw from the “Emissions Trading Scheme”.

These requests are all motivated by sourced and linked evidence that you and/or your colleagues may find helpful.

I had considered adding a fifth request which was for government to take urgent action to restore faith in New Zealand’s law and order.  The recent gang wars and looting following Gabrielle, when added to growing thefts and armed robberies evidenced by “ram raids” in some parts of New Zealand suggest that crime is fast going out of control in New Zealand.  It seems to me that ill-advised government policy has led to judges & police appearing to care more about criminals than victims (although some judges have done this all by themselves!).

I believe this has led to the New Zealand public losing faith in New Zealand’s ability to maintain law and order.

Video of the impact on Napier and Eskdale