Just like ‘Three<5<10 Waters’ became. But 80% of NZers won’t know because the bribed Legacy Media won’t mention it.

from reader Selwyn

The new series of Bills going through parliament right now will command control over what you can do with your house, property, farm, and your business. As is this government’s way it was sneaked in before Christmas by Labour’s David Parker and submissions closed on in early February. Nothing was said in the MSM, but it’s out now on the underground media, and creating a storm.

While most New Zealanders looked at the ‘Three Waters’ plans with horror, Environment Minister, David Parker, was taking notes. He’s decided to replicate the worst elements of the water changes in his proposed replacement to the Resource Management Act– 891 pages of it in fact. Under this new law, your council will lose control of this function and it will be handed to 15 new co-governed [yes, jobs for the bros again] Regional Planning Committees. This will of course cost a bomb, line the pockets of the ‘co-governors’, and will give them the power of decision over your deck, business, home, water-intake and everything else related to the new RMA.

So to reiterate: your council will no longer have any real say in your RMA application, mostly iwi will.

Just imagine all the iwi applications going through! The new governing body will be made up of the Socialists’ inefficient layers of bureaucracy, just like ‘3 Waters’, to make it as secret and complex as possible, but with the alleged treaty ‘partnership’ at its heart, and to embody the Waitangi Tribunal’s principles of at least 50/50 governorship by Maori. No doubt diversity and gender influence will make its way in there too. Your non-binary, but inclusive and diverse letterbox could make it onto the committee in theory? It is almost that ridiculous, but just as arrogant and audacious in their control grab.

The New Zealand Taxpayers Union had this to say; ‘ The rules even allow the Minister (currently David Parker) to make his own appointments to the Regional Planning Committees, so that Wellington has people to ensure that these committees dance to the Government’s tune.

1. Unelected appointees from local iwi/hapū will sit on the new Regional Planning Committees with full voting rights.

2. A new, unelected ‘National Māori Entity’ will put pressure on the new planning committees to ensure that they abide by alleged Treaty ‘principles’, and will have priority over public consultation on the new National Planning Frameworks.

3. At any time, iwi or hapu can produce a Te Oranga o te Taiao (environmental wellbeing) statement, dictating how the Minister of Environment must uphold the “intrinsic relationship” between iwi/hapū and the environment in the National Planning Frameworks, for which there is no appeal process outlined in the bill.

These changes mean everything, from building a new deck to constructing a new hospital or supermarket, will be even harder. ‘And can you just imagine the corruption, backhanders and instant resource consent approvals for the bros, and any iwi that wants to change the rules to put up a structure or take yours down?

If New Zealanders were fully aware about the true implications of David Parker’s power-grab, it could turn into a real political headache for the Government just like Three Waters.

I urge you all to become aware of what is happening, or go on to some of the excellent sites of the real fighters like NZCPR, Hobsons Pledge and New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

Good luck