Last November we reported on a photo op for Michael Scott showing him and Dougherty with a signed amendment on the building of a new gallery to house the Trust’s collection.

The Kapiti Independent now has this article to the effect that if matters are not finalised and a start made by the end of June next year, the paintings could go elsewhere.

“Field Collection Trustee Kay Brown says when other arts institutions approached them over the years about housing the collection they never responded.

“She says they want the collection to stay in Kapiti but are pessimistic about the project going ahead.

“Brown’s comments are in a message to the chairman of the Mahara Gallery Trust Board Professor Les Holborow.

“They were released when Kevin Ramshaw from the board made a submission  on the KCDC’s annual plan and budget.

“When asked, Council CEO Pat Dougherty could not give details about delays in the Waikanae redevelopment, including the gallery.

“The original plans were for a new two-storey gallery, to cost $5.3 million – with two thirds coming from the trust itself and the final third from the KCDC and Waikanae Community Board.”

“The trust is now looking at the option of extending the existing building to two storeys.

“The KCDC had set a target of June 30 2018  to come up with its share of the proposed development.”

A third of $5.3 million is $1.8 million and the latest Annual Plan includes an allocation of $2 million for the Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centres — if it all went to Waikanae, this could happen.  As we have commented more than once, Paraparaumu town centre has already had more than its fair share of council expenditure.

But has the Trust come up with the rest?  That’s not clear from the article.  Last November the thinking was that the central government would contribute a third of the total cost.