Presumably this photo was taken at the council building on Monday by one of Dougherty’s “communications team” showing him standing next to Michael Scott with a big grin, with the mayor seated with representatives of the Field Collection and the Mahara Gallery Trust.

The agreement, however, only confirms what was passed by the council in June and the significance was reported in July (see earlier post), an extract :

Council has made provision for funding its one-third of the estimated $5,205 million project cost in its Long term plan.

The Mahara Gallery Trust has fundraising efforts underway to raise the remaining two-thirds of the total project cost.

It now seems the expectation is that the central government will contribute a third and while it is perfectly reasonable that it should contribute to local projects for the reason given last week, many will see it as a “nice to have, but not essential” project compared to a reservoir, an underpass and efficient storm-water drainage.

According to the Mahara Gallery Facebook page:

[Mahara Gallery] Trust Board Chairman, Professor Les Holborow says Kāpiti Coast District Council’s plans for the revitalisation of the Waikanae Town Centre and upgrade of the Waikanae Library provide a unique opportunity to create a shared library and gallery complex.

“It represents a change in direction from the original plan to redevelop or refurbish the two existing buildings but it is one we have embraced,” he said.


This pic taken in 1981 shows what the building was originally built for by the then Horowhenua County Council — the town’s library.  The vacant lot in the foreground is where the present library was built.