Tempus fugit or times flies as they say; part one was 11 months ago, but again as they say, better late than never, and here is part 2.

About 3 km north of the Waikanae Swimming Pool on Ngarara Road is the new Nga Manu Reserve Road on your right.  It actually existed before the ‘Ewy’, but as a private road.  The McKays to Peka Peka Alliance widened it and turned it into a full public road.

Smithfield Road was severed by the ‘Ewy’, so a new intersection for the separated part was created on Nga Manu Reserve Road, on your left as you drive east.  The separated part here is only about 1 km in length and serves two farms plus some public drainage infrastructure.

Nga Manu Rd

The beginning of Nga Manu Reserve Road, looking east, the intersection with Ngarara Road is behind the camera.  The bridge carries the ‘Ewy’.

Nga Manu Rd 2

Further along, past the ‘Ewy’ overbridge.  Those power lines are fairly low here,

Nga Manu Rd ponds

A flood pond area on the south side of Nga Manu Reserve Road.

NgaManu Rd ponds

Kakariki Nga Manu

Kakariki Stream and the entrance to Nga Manu at the end of Nga Manu Reserve Road.  In the hills can be seen the scars of the earthworks for the Kohekohe Park subdivision.

antidonut bars

At the end of this section of Smithfield Road.  The bars were recently installed to deter boy racers from using the turning circle for ‘donuts’ and burnouts. The ‘Ewy’ is next to the line of pine trees. The power pylons here are much lower than where they cross Te Moana Rd — Waikanae Park.