The Nga Manu bird sanctuary is signposted for the Te Moana Road exit on the ‘Ewy’ in both directions, although having taken that exit, visitors then need to turn east up Te Moana for a short distance, then do a left into Park Avenue, then another left into Ngarara Road and follow it about 3 km until a sign points out Nga Manu on the right. As that road has been widened and is currently being sealed, we’ll cover it separately soon.

Continuing up Ngarara you come to the T junction, the left branch of which remains Ngarara, while the right branch is Smithfield — but that is now truncated by the ‘Ewy’.


the first feature of interest on Ngarara Rd past the park is the Crematorium, fittingly, across the road from the Parkwood business’s retirement village. 🙂


the end of Smithfield Road; below is the Streetview of how it was when it continued east


the cycle path and the Ewy