from Carol Sawyer

Amazing — our country faces economic turmoil, but this bunch of crazies have to keep pouring 1080 poison from the air; 43,000 hectares, so that will be approximately 86 tonnes of 1080 baits and, again, millions of dollars wasted as though there is no tomorrow to worry about.

Punakaiki 1080

Punakaki 1080 2

Punakaiki 1080 3

“Date: 29 April 2020 at 9:27:03 AM NZST
Subject: Notification of proposed predator control operation. Punakaiki

Tena koe

A heavy beech seeding or mast occurred in 2019 throughout large parts of the South Island. This seeding event caused a significant rise in populations of rats and stoats, threatening vulnerable populations of native species.

One of the areas where this mast occurred and where there are many threatened stoat and/or rat-vulnerable species is the Punakaiki/Western Paparoa area. We are currently planning an aerial 1080 operation in this area starting in spring this year. The operation was originally planned for spring 2019 however, weather delays and availability of contractors etc have pushed it back to this year.

Along with other vulnerable species, the focus of this operation is to protect great spotted kiwi – for which this area is a stronghold. Although the peak of the mast has passed protection for great spotted kiwi is still important during this post-mast year as stoat numbers will still be higher than usual.

Over the coming months, we will be conducting an extensive consultation process with iwi, landowners, the local community and other interested parties. Following this consultation, final operational plans will be prepared. The operation will require consent from the Public Health Service and the Department of Conservation.

Attached [above] is a fact sheet and draft map of the proposed area for 2020. The map shows the indicative boundaries of the operation. These boundaries are subject to change depending on site-specific rodent monitoring results and the outcomes of the consultation process.

DOC has contracted Vector Control Services Ltd to manage the planned operation. You have received this email as you may have a concession to operate a commercial activity on public land managed by the Department of Conservation. Please check the attached map and let us know if this operation will impact on you and or your business and we will look into how we can mitigate how this operation affects you or your business. Please contact us using (reply email), if you wish to discuss this operation further………….
Kind regards

David Priest

Vector Control Services”