By themselves these giant holes in the ground aren’t too much of a problem if they are in remote wasteland; Australia has plenty of mineral and gold mines in outback areas that look like this, too.

But there is a problem when slave and child labour is used, which happens in Africa. There is also a problem when the amount of fossil fuel diesel used by trucks and machinery to extract all this is considered. Is there really any net benefit? What about the fossil fuel like coal and gas used for electric power plants? Is there any net benefit?

The Legacy Media in NZ downplayed the fact that Dear Leader’s government is importing a large amount of coal from Indonesia for the thermal power stations in NZ. What will the need for that be if lots more people start using her taxpayer subsidized EVs, let alone for normal needs by a steadily growing population? Are we building more clean hydro power plants, and if not why not?

These are all considerations that Green Party members and their voters ignore — but they are fundamental to the whole argument.