by Margaret Stevenson-Wright

In my view the Kapiti Coast District Council meeting of 29 July reflected Dickensian writing on both ‘the best and worst of times’ and beyond – a category that Dickens could not have predicted.

Addressing ‘the best of times’:

  1. Michelle Lewis’s professional presentation of the results of a meticulously designed petition via which 1,122 people opposed the closure of the Waikane Recycling Facility.
  2. A highly objective statement from Dr Marie O’Sullivan opposing the closure.
  3. A heartfelt plea from Edwina Allen, a Waikanae Resident opposing the closure.
  4. The significant presence of a well-informed group of Waikanae residents who oppose this closure.

Addressing ‘the worst of times’:

This was repeatedly demonstrated by:

  1. The appalling manner adopted by both the CEO and Mayor in repeatedly refusing the speaking rights of both Districtwide Councillor Jackie Elliott and Waikanae Ward Councillor Prvanov.
  2. The blatant disrespect shown Michelle Lewis, Dr Marie O’Sullivan and Edwina Allen.
  3. The singularly repetitive denial by one Councillor that ‘horse trading’ had played any part in decision making at the Council table.
  4. The statement by Mayor Gurunathan that what was referred to as rumour would be deemed defamation.

Stepping outside the vernacular of Dickens to a little incident that in my view can be legitimately referred to as:

‘The times when ‘karma’ intervenes‘

This is demonstrated by the vehement denial by an experienced Councillor that ‘horse trading’ played any part whatsoever in the decision. That claim is laughable given that a text he sent (within this Council meeting) to who supposedly was a supporter at the Council table suggesting a potential response in opposition to Cr Elliott’s stance – was sent in error to Cr Elliott!

Waikanae – I invite you now to make your own informed decision.

(Margaret Stevenson-Wright is a member of the Waikanae Community Board)