According to a KCDC media release, “Canada geese have been a growing issue at some Kāpiti locations including Awatea Lakes and Otaraua Park. Their droppings can carry diseases such as avian influenza, campylobacter, Escherichia coli, and salmonella, and large populations can foul waterways.

“Canada geese are a nationwide problem and because they are migratory we are unlikely to ever be completely free of them – and that is not our objective. We have tried other methods to deter them, including using bird-repellent product Flock Off on some sports grounds. They are beautiful animals, but health and safety issues are important.”

“We agree that the number of geese we are seeing at sports venues and parks has been too high and is posing too great a health risk, especially for people using our public spaces,”

“This morning a population control operation was conducted by a qualified pest control contractor to reduce the number of geese. It was done to the highest safety standards and in the most humane way possible.”

The council says it is hoped the operation will provide some respite from the Canada geese in other areas, too.

There have been reports on social media of gunfire in some areas — so relax, it’s not right wing extremists shooting minorities. 🙂