By Roger Childs

South Africa’s Pass Laws were a key element of the Apartheid era. All your documentation — details of race, employment, address, etc. — had to be in one book (dompas) and this could be checked at any time. The authorities were really only interested in the passes of non-whites, to see if they were in the right areas. The dompas were designed to protect the ruling whites who were a minority of the population.

Now we have our own Pass Laws of a different sort related to covid so-called ‘vaccinations’, and surely this breaches the Human Rights of the unvaxed. 

As we all know, you now need a vax pass to use libraries, galleries, museums and other public buildings in most areas; and in all areas to go into a café; eat at a restaurant; visit a hairdresser; take part in certain sports; go to concerts or fly on a plane. Has anyone, anywhere caught covid selecting books in a library or taking part in a Parkrun?

It was a pleasure on a recent trip to New Plymouth to be able to use the local Library where they have a “come one, come all” policy, unlike the KCDC where we have the draconian Pass Laws being applied. The Kapiti Council has even recently revoked the outdoor table license of the Perching Parrot Café in Paekakariki because the owner was not enforcing the Pass Laws. (Although operating ‘takeaway only’ she was allowing everyone who bought food to sit at the table outside the premises — horror of horrors, the KCDC couldn’t allow that! No, they must walk 50 metres to a public seat!)

So around the country the non-vaxed are being discriminated against and denied many basic rights. This is in direct contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which New Zealand has signed up to.

The fundamental question though, is why are these people seen as a threat? 

There is no verifiable evidence that having two of these so-called ‘vaccinations’ provides protection against getting and transmitting covid 19. The recent massive increases in cases among the heavily vaxed populations of Britain, the U.S., New South Wales and Victoria strongly suggests that jabbing people with these experimental substances is an expensive waste of time.

Percentage figures regarding effectiveness seem to be just plucked out of the air and apparently the answer to waning vaccination effectiveness is to get a booster — then another, and another. Thus saith the Pfizer sales force.

Surely it’s time to get rid of the ridiculous New Zealand pass laws and return to treating all citizens as equal human beings.