by Guy Hatchard, PhD

You may not have noticed this week that our deputy PM Grant Robertson (he who refuses to answer emails about the pandemic because it is nothing to do with him) announced that as things stand there could not be a fourth booster shot. The reason is more revealing – New Zealand has run out of money.

Covid sure has eaten up the cash. Grant has spent $64 billion on the pandemic so far (before it has even arrived here) and there is nothing left. Our annual health budget is a paltry $20 billion; the $64 billion has been on top of that. So those of you who were thinking and blogging that the unvaccinated were depriving them of hospital beds might like to rethink.

Perhaps it is profligate spending on the vaccinated that has led to those long queues for tests and treatments for diseases like cancer (10,500 deaths per year) and heart disease (~6,000 deaths per year and rising). Just 52 people have died of Covid in NZ during the last two years and most of those few left in hospital are double vaccinated.

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In fact, only a handful of people in NZ have died of Covid, the rest have died with it — there is a difference. The economic disaster poses a major problem for the next National-led government: the Party is well aware that it is going to inherit a huge mess from the Jacinda regime, but the mess may be much bigger than expected.–Eds