The book makes abundantly clear what it’s analysing in the subtitle: “Covid vaccines and the new Health Dictatorship”. 

By Rupert Pye

Tackling important topics mainstream media like to avoid

Ron Asher is a New Zealand writer and commentator on current affairs. He lived in Hong Kong when it was a British colony before 1997 and became increasingly concerned at the way that China, through its state owned companies, was gaining enormous economic leverage over other countries among them New Zealand. In 2017, he penned an excellent book In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand, published by Wellington publisher Tross Publishing. He also penned China Lied Thousands Died The Origins and Spread of Covid 19 back in 2020. 

Now the author has tackled the spread of covid and the vaccines in a newly published book, fittingly titled A Jab in the Dark.

Using the pandemic to increase their hold on the country

Ron Asher sees the current government as using the covid as a leverage to gain and increase political power over the people. He writes “the restrictions on the individual have all been based on the twin lies that covid is so deadly that it can be combatted only by unprecedented suppression of individual liberties and that the Pfizer vaccine is ‘safe and effective’ when it is neither.”

But he expresses dismay at the apathy — or rather naivety — of the people.

“Any democracy is only as strong as its people and the way that the masses in New Zealand have allowed themselves to be hypnotised into believing Covid requires the introduction of a virtual tyranny, does not auger well for the future.”

Expect it to be rubbished in high places

No doubt the book will be rubbished by government and authorities as “misinformation” and “conspirational.” It is ironic that this government, which is quick to condemn“hate speech” can, in hypocritical fashion, deride any criticism by name calling.

As the author points out, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just cannot be trusted. Actions speak louder than words. Ardern promised there would be “no forced vaccinations” and “those who choose to opt out won’t face any penalties at all.” But then suffering a bad attack of amnesia, last December when she announced “All unvaccinated will be banned from cafes, bars, events etc.”.

Guinea pigs to allow the unchecked Pfizer to make billions

The author contends the much touted vaccines such as Pfizer, Moderna etc., are not vaccines but a novel and experimental form of gene therapy, with those taking the jab being “guinea pigs.” Ron Asher exposes the lack of integrity of Pfizer.

But underlying the debate is the disdain for democracy that the Prime Minister has arrogantly and petulantly shown. She refused any more interviews with forthright radio talk-back host Mike Hosking because “he asked too many hard questions.” 

In Northland, when confronted with a question as to why she exclusively promoted Pfizer, she threatened to close the press conference, and when learning locals were like to ask “hard questions” she cancelled her visit to Hunterville.

Alternative to Pfizer’s gene therapy

There are alternatives to the “gene therapy” of Pfizer contends the author. He gives the example of Ivermectin “listed as one of WHO’s essential drugs” and with a sound record in countries such as Indonesia, India and Bangladesh of proving a successful treatment of Covid. However, New Zealand medics and pharmacies are now forbidden to import Invermectin.

“ … under New Zealand’s new health dictatorship, it is Pfizer or nothing,” says Ron Asher.

Among other alternatives — and free — is good old fashioned sunshine providing essential vitamin D!

Many think the covid narrative is about instilling fear into people, thus making them able to be more effectively controlled. “Lockdowns cannot be justified for dealing with such a mild virus,” writes Ron Asher.

A wide range of respected sources

A Jab in the Dark is not just based on the author’s own opinions. Rather his views have been formed from studying comments and evidence from expert commentators, medical professionals, journalists with integrity, and others. 

On journalism and the bribing of the media with a $55 million government handout, he quotes highly respected former editor Karl du Fresne who wrote “Newspapers and other media have become platform for the promotion of ideological agendas.”

The media unashamedly sacrificed their soul and integrity when it took the government bribe, which had strong dictatorial conditions as part of the deal.

No fan of Ardern

The author is no admirer of the Prime Minister who he contends is “very nasty and very dangerous” and who “sees ‘divide and rule’ as the best way of retaining power.” The result “is nothing less than a coup d’etat against democracy.”

The author documents his references chapter by chapter, and in an appendix cites extraordinary statements by the Prime Minister and gives details of the $55 million media slush fund as to who the corrupt recipients were.

Read with an open mind and weigh up the evidence

It’s a failing of human nature to be very intolerant. Too many will immediately reject this book by its very cover and title. I always advocate an open mind. 

Read — then accept or reject — in parts or as a whole.

Irrespective of one’s views or leaning on this controversial subject, do read the book — it’s that vitally important to the future of people and the country. There is no denying Ron Asher and Tross Publishing have done an invaluable job in putting the subject out there for debate instead of suppression.

I repeat: do read it then make up your own mind. That’s what a democracy allows you to do.

 A Jab in the Dark subtitled Covid vaccines and the new Health Dictatorship by Ron Asher is published by Tross Publishing, Wellington. Available from Paper Plus stores or direct from the publisher, with postage paid, through the website: