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Deaths of 3 Toronto Docs Confirmed, 4 in 1 week

5th GTA Doctor dies in 2 weeks, 27-y-o triathlete collapsed during training swim

Five local doctors having now “died suddenly” after their boosters, the University of Toronto is now mandating boosters for its students  Author Mark Crispin Miller notes:

Thus Toronto’s leading daily, and some major hospitals in the Toronto area, conjointly reaffirm the usual psychotic fantasy that this weird spate of “sudden deaths” bears no relation to the boosters that all five young healthy doctors would have had within the last few weeks. So much for Toronto’s “free press” and medical establishment. And what of higher education in Toronto? Once upon a time, one might have expected a more thoughtful and impartial take on this sort of disaster from Toronto’s professoriate, or some within it; but anyone who has that expectation now is, as they say, tripping, since, under covid, Academia, the media and the medical establishment are all the same damned thing.

And so, despite all those Toronto-area doctors “dying suddenly” post- “vaccination” (and the sky-high rate of severe “covid cases” among the “fully vaccinated” throughout Canada and all the world), the University of Toronto is now mandating covid ‘boosters’ for all students who reside on campus—no doubt because that university is now in business with Moderna.

Ontario doctor, 27 years old, dies after collapsing during triathlon; she is 5th healthy doctor in Ontario in last 2 weeks to SUDDENLY die; 5 died! 5 doctors & we will NOT mention it MAY be VACCINE! Dr. Paul Alexander:

So very tragic and makes no sense and the horrible aspect is the silence, the quick reaction by the hospitals etc. to say NOT vaccine.

As I have said before, we hold every single person to account in time. Who played a role in recklessness and caused deaths.

The malfeasant system wants to class these Ontario sudden doctor deaths as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Note, with the move to vaccinate children under 5 years old with these failed and harmful covid ‘vaccines’, you should brace for sudden SIDS escalation (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) to follow.

NOT only five, a Sixth Canadian Doctor Dies Suddenly in July, DEATH TOLL from covid ‘vaccine’ — This is catastrophic failure & we are calling on families demand autopsies; D-Dimer test all vaccinated!

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