Is anyone looking for Stephen Town?

“Where’s Stephen Town? The Te Pūkenga CEO is certainly not at work where taxpayers are paying him $13,000 per week!” Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says.

“Mr Town has been missing in action from his high-profile role since the beginning of July and Te Pūkenga chairperson Murray Strong and acting chief executive Peter Winder have been cagey about what exactly is going on.”

“Mr Strong has clarified that Mr Town is not on annual leave or bereavement leave, he is not unwell and nor are his family, and he’s not dealing with a family emergency. All that he will say is that he is on discretionary personal leave. How mysterious!”

“This might be none of our business if Mr Town wasn’t still being paid his salary, but taxpayers are still paying him approximately $13,000 a week. In these circumstances, we are entitled to get some answers. Where is the urgency from the embattled organisation to return him to work or replace him permenantly?”

“We’re asking Kiwis to keep an eye out. He could be on a golf course, ski resort, or even overseas. Sightings should be reported to your local branch of the Taxpayers’ Union.”