This announcement arrived in our inbox yesterday, as it obviously did Newshub’s, and this morning the AM Show on TV3/Newshub proclaimed in this piece:

Kiwis pledge to buy Whittakers to annoy people angered by te reo rebranding

Really? Where are all the people supposedly angered by this label, have they taken to social media to vent their aggression in the way Leftists and Wokeists do?

Frankly, who gives a Stuff about a brand label produced for a brief period in one of the country’s two official languages? (Sign language is also official but obviously can’t be read and written.)

What does annoy people is signage written only in Maori because most people don’t know what it says, and certainly almost no foreign visitor will be able to read it.

Since Cadbury decided to close their factory in Dunedin, despite it being profitable, and move it all to Oz, we’ve encouraged people to switch to Whittaker’s for that reason — a good long established NZ manufacturer.