Vandals Waikanae

Before any beautification of council property takes place, there needs to be better security in place to guard against theft and vandalism.  Incidents like the one described above happen regularly.

The best way of deterring these low-life types from engaging in this behaviour is by putting security cameras in place so that they can be captured in the act.  This has already been done at railway stations on the Wellington network and on the most recent electric trains.

Because of incidents that we have experienced involving certain employees of the Parkwood property renting a.k.a. retirement village next to us, we installed a CCTV system of 4 cameras like the one shown which are connected to a DVR and to a computer so that the feeds can be monitored over the Internet.  This wasn’t particularly expensive, and is a measure every household should take.  The most usefully positioned camera is one monitoring your street entrance so that if there are any reported incidents in the street you may have captured the perpetrator(s) on your system.

Another thing you can do is take pictures of dubious types and suspicious cars with a phone camera or similar and then send the pictures to either your Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator or the police.

security camera