These were sent out by the KCDC on Monday and everyone should have theirs by now.  If you haven’t got yours, an enquiry of NZ Post would be in order.  Of course you won’t have received an envelope if you weren’t on either of the electoral rolls, in which case you should contact the Electoral Officer Jude Wadsworth on (04) 296 4700.

The vote system is Single Transferable Vote, which means as in the Australian lower house elections, you list the candidates in order of preference. The succesful candidate is elected by a quota which is arrived at by a mathematical formula.

The council also included an A4 sheet printed black and white, which has each candidate’s mug shot and a 150 word statement that they supplied.  Obviously, we have supplemented this with a DL size leaflet in colour containing a mini-manifesto, which we have now delivered to most households.  This blog elaborates on its points.