In 2008 editors Geoffrey and Eva painted their Waikanae house brown (and it had nothing to do with Wokeism.) Black-based schemes are rare but they are around. From Architectural Digest

Painting the exterior of your house black may seem pretty dramatic—and it is—but black is actually a neutral, and a hardworking one. “If your house is lacking in architecture or character, black can make it more interesting,” says interior designer and HGTV host Brian Patrick Flynn. “If it’s rich in detail, black will bring those details out.” As L.A.- and Miami-based designer Travis London—who is set to release his own paint line—puts it, a black exterior can bring new life to an old house. That’s one reason Bay Area designer Nicole Hollis took her 1870s San Francisco Italianate house from beige to black, and Miley Cyrus chose black for her 1950s clapboard Southern California home. But you needn’t be a professional (or a pop star) to pull it off. We asked a few experts what to think about before going to the dark side.

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