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This Government is running out of fingers to plug the holes in the dyke.

Observe the body language of the Prime Minister and it’s obvious to me at least the pressure she’s under. She was fidgeting with her face mask to such an extent in Parliament’s debating chamber yesterday that the audio had static.

It’s as though the stable door’s been ripped off its hinges and the Horse is nowhere in sight. Everyone’s being caught by surprise, with the Government being about as transparent as a brick wall.

Take the past 24 hours for example.

No doubt reeling from the latest One News-Colmar Brunton opinion poll, where Labour’s ratings have shed 10 per cent in less than a year [actually 7% based on Colmar Brunton, but other polls show more —Eds] , even though it remains on a relatively respectable 43 per cent, it won’t be happy.

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The Covid cushion is losing its stuffing. Lockdowns usually sees the party getting a sympathetic bump in the polls from a frightened, insecure public. But with one death in 1185 cases in the current outbreak, it isn’t creating the climate of fear that they’ve relied on.

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From discussions that our editors have with folks, it’s clear that most no longer give a Stuff about what is really a minor virus in the scheme of things and are over it. Some of the lessons from last year about virus transmission awareness in general and means to combat them were useful ones; it’s time to move on. —Eds