We have regrettably had our last Kapiti Historical Society talk for 2021. John Robinson spoke on Hone Heke and the 1840s northern rebellion back in October and we had an audience of about 20. Obviously, many people were reluctant to come out while the Jacinda government’s covid Level 2 was operating. Those who did get along heard a very interesting talk on the rebel chief who was opposed at the time by most of the tribal leaders in the North.

Over the last three months we had hoped to have sessions led by:

· Professor Mark Dickson from Auckland University on Kapiti’s Changing Coastline

· Jim Bolger on how history repeats and political reminiscences

· David Hadfield on his father Barry who was first Mayor of the Kapiti District.

Mark couldn’t get out of Auckland; David preferred to wait until the covid situation improved and we felt that as Jim would be a big attraction, we would save him for 2022.

Taking a break

John and Lesley Robinson have decided to step back from the KHS administration after three years of devoted service. So we will need some assistance from others in 2022. Let us know if you would be able to help.

There was an eclectic range of talks in 2021                                                                

It’s noteworthy that we had seven sessions in 2021 on a wide range of subjects.

·       Andy Oakley on the one valid Treaty of Waitangi

·       John Mclean on Parihaka

·       Myself on Gallipoli

·       Glenda Robb on the Queen Elizabeth Park Biodiversity Project

·       Larry Keim on the Marines in Kapiti and films taken at the time

·       Desiree Jury on the historical novel

·       John Robinson on Hone Heke

Thanks to all you folk for your contributions to the programme.

Appreciation for their efforts

Thanks to John for his co-coordination of the group; to Lesley and Pam and others who have assisted with the suppers; to Larry Keim and David Hadfield who have provided technical support; to Gordon Dickson who has been the liaison with the Kapiti Uniting Church and introduced many of the speakers; and those who have given votes of thanks.

Looking ahead

It’s not easy! We live in an uncertain world and the future is very hard to predict. As mentioned above, we have three speakers ready to go if circumstances permit, and other names have been suggested.

We’ll keep you informed.

Thank you for your support in 2021 and we hope you have a relaxing festive season with family and friends.

Best wishes,

Roger Childs, with John Robinson and Gordon Dickson