by Jordan Schachtel

Before we get to Omicron, there’s two important things related to covid Mania that are worth highlighting:

  1. If your covid test comes back positive on a PCR test, you have a well over 99% chance of recovering from the disease that you are being diagnosed with. This has remained the case since the beginning of covid Mania. It doesn’t matter which “new strain” surfaces, whether it’s Alpha, Beta, Delta, or the next dominant strain, the result has remained consistent. 
  1. The average age of a covid death both in the United States and abroad is about the same as the average lifespan. In previous global plagues, this was not at all the case. The hysteria surrounding covid Mania is the product of the world’s largest and most widespread case of wholesale statistics fraud, corruption, and deceit.

Recall the early reporting on the Delta strain from earlier this summer. Similar to previous strains, Delta sported an extremely high recovery rate, significantly higher than the original strain “detected” in Wuhan. Here’s the data straight from the U.K. government:

However, as Delta became the dominant strain (according to gene sequence tests), everyone who was “dying of covid” now had a Delta tag attached to their case file. Since earlier this summer, Delta has had complete dominance over covid testing. Here’s the latest from the CDC, showing that over 99.9% of samples in recent months have come back attached to Delta.  

The early Omicron cases, like 99+% of all other COVID cases, regardless of variants, have been reported as mild. This has confused doctors and scientists who don’t know what to make of the panicked presses and world governments treating Omicron as if it’s the Black Plague once more.

Should Omicron defeat Delta on the surveillance test, then Omicron will inevitably replace Delta as the new “deadly virus.” Every death with a positive Omicron test is a corporate press headline. Every hospitalization is a “mandate” for the ruling class to impose more tyranny on the masses, in the name of our health.

If Omicron indeed becomes the dominant gene sequence, the corporate press and the tyrannical “public health expert” class will of course reframe the strain from “mild” to something far more dangerous. If Omicron becomes dominant (and some virologists are convinced that it will, but it remains to be seen), it will inevitably find its way into a nursing home or another setting where the average individual is both very old and very sick. When these individuals tragically pass away, they will be considered “Omicron deaths.” The same goes for the 450 pound diabetic, or someone the media will describe as a “young and healthy person with no comorbidities,” eventually “dies of Omicron.” If Omicron supersedes Delta, that means billions of potential hosts for a virus with a previously tracked 99.8-99.9% recovery rate. So regardless of whether Omicron has become a mutation so weak that it is akin to the common cold, there’s enough headlines in there for the panicked presses and maniacal governments to seize the situation to their benefit.

There is only one way Omicron remains attached to the “mild” tag, and that would come through its failure to supersede Delta through genomic surveillance. If Omicron dominates Delta, it will become just one of an endless series of excuses for the failure of governments to “stop the spread,” along with the failure of products coerced upon us by mafia-like pharmaceutical companies. As with Delta, the Omicron stats trick can serve as the perfect pretext for more government-imposed tyranny, coupled with hundreds of billions of dollars in further sales of junk pharma products.

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