It’s typical of the ill-thought-out, erratic and arbitrary decision-making of the Covidians in power, primarly Bloomfield, Hipkins and Dear Leader.

“Even though we have reversed the termination, the girls [let go] are emotionally broken” says one national takeaway chain owner, according to this Stuff article which goes on to say:

“The owner, who wanted to remain anonymous out of fear of public backlash [from Jacindanistas] said the mental health impacts stemming from the Government’s actions were outweighing the damage caused by Covid-19. ‘This is meant to be about Covid and keeping healthy. The mental health distress that they have caused far exceeds any Covid concerns’.”

She said she felt untrusting of the Government now [and one assumes, its constant misinformation propaganda in its bought and paid MSM].

“I feel really disappointed that we tried to do the right thing. It really puts me off doing it further.”