One of the live petitions on the NZ Parliament website is that of Penny Jackson: Make public the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine contract with the Government, the reason she states is:

I want the Pfizer contract made public so that we can determine if the Government has violated our sovereignty, human rights, or Bill of Rights, and whether the Government are receiving kick-backs from Pfizer. I believe the vaccine is harming people all around the world and that this is being hidden from the public.

It closes next Wednesday 15th. Sign it here

What doesn’t the Jacinda government want the public to know? Apart from what the price was, and it’s not to hard to work that out, what did the Jacinda government agree to do to push this experimental substance onto the whole population, what censorship did she agree to of adverse results, opinions and evidence? What pushers did she agree to employ to influence the undecided, and what coercion would she undertake? What supression of better alternatives to the Pfizer did she agree to? What security did the Jacinda government offer Pfizer? What fearmongering about the (ever milder) Dr Fauci/CCP virus did she agree to indulge in?

There is some evidence about what Pfizer has done in other countries where there are more protections for Whistle Blowers than there are in Jacindaland:


Bombshell leak: Countries that buy Pfizer’s vaccine undertake to break the law

Leaked information from confidential agreements that vaccine manufacturer Pfizer concluded with a large number of buyer countries, revealed slave contracts that violate legislation in each and every country. Buyers undertake to break all laws that stand in the way of mass vaccination. The buyers also undertake to bear all costs and all responsibility for the experimental jabs and waive the right to breach the agreement.

In history’s largest medical experiment with “vaccines” that have not been approved for use in humans, it is the buyers’ responsibility to defend Pfizer for causing harm, leaked documents showed. Pfizer has escaped all liability and is indemnified, arguing that side effects and the long-term effects of the injections are unknown – to the company as well. Pfizer thus admits that an insufficiently tested product is being pushed in literally billions of doses on the world market.

This means that all responsibility for costs, healthcare, etc. due to vaccine damage – no matter how large and onerous – is passed on to the taxpayers in the countries that have signed the agreements. Since the agreements put each country’s own laws out of play, they have all been signed at government level. The design of the agreements is an important explanation for why the propaganda for mass vaccination is of a totalitarian nature and does not allow for debate or questioning.

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This video on the Gateway Pundit website states: “Indian Television Exposes How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries for covid Shots – “Desperate Countries force to Make Humiliating Concessions”