Ms Boucher’s Stuff media business, heavily subsidized by the Jacinda government, is starting to sound like Der Stürmer newspaper of Nazi Germany. The slogan at the bottom says “Die Juden sind unser Unglück!” (the Jews are our misfortune). Replace “Jews” with “Unvaxed” and you have the Stuff equivalent.


by Cam Slater of the BFD

There is a predilection among our so-called leaders to ostracise and scapegoat the un-vaccinated for perceived problems in their town or city. The media are feeding the frenzy and have become Jacinda’s handmaidens in leading the way for demonising and polarising society against people.

Especially when they run stories like this one from the West Coast where some discriminatory councillor is demonising the un-vaxxed for wrecking the businesses in Reefton and Inangahua. If you read the headlines you’d think the unvaxxed were storming the West Coast equivalent of the Bastille, but in actual fact, they are just going about their day without a care in the world.

The irrational attitude of anti-vaxers is damaging Reefton’s hospitality, health services and reputation, a local leader says.

Inangahua Community Board chairman John Bougen told Tuesday’s board meeting that Covid-19 vaccination statistics showed Buller was the worst-performing district on the West Coast, largely because of vaccine refuseniks in the Inangahua area, which includes Reefton.

Only 69.1 per cent of the area’s eligible population was fully vaccinated against Covid-19, while 79.3 per cent had received one dose.

I personally am devastated at what has happened in town as a consequence of this,” Bougen said.

“When you go and look down the main street today – normally it’s bustling, but the tearooms have lost so many staff they can’t actually open Mondays and Tuesdays, and they’re going to rationalise their staff on the rest of the days.”

A second cafe, Reef Cottage, had also lost staff who had refused to be vaccinated, and it was going to be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Bougen said.

Wilsons Hotel had lost its chef for the same reason, leaving only Dawsons and the Reefton Hotel providing evening meals.

Worse still, not only have the staff gone but the employers have to pay them four weeks to bugger off and bugger up their business.

No, you absolute dolt, the unvaccinated are not to blame. It is Jacinda Ardern and her draconian laws designed to stigmatise, demonise, and ostracise people for daring to think for themselves.

No one other than Jacinda Ardern has wrecked that economy, and indeed every other local economy.

But it is also the business owners who have made the decision to discriminate, and now they are suffering the consequences of their poor decisions. These vaxholes love to tell us that there are consequences for making our choices. Now they’ve found out there are consequences for their actions.

But I still maintain that the ultimate blame lies not with the unvaxxed, but with the evil tyrant running amok through the country. That evil woman is Jacinda Ardern, who makes Robert David Muldoon look like a rank amateur in the petty despot stakes.

What these dolts haven’t yet worked out is that if someone can claim all the successes of their policies, then you should really sheet home the blame for all the failures to them as well.

That blame rests solely on the wonky shoulders of Jacinda Ardern, the tyrant ruining this country.

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