A selection of some comments from NZ based users of a social media website following a post asking about this:

I’m a tattoo artist and every single time I have worked on a jabbed person, after about an hour I get heavy lungs, headache, sore inner ears, snuffly nose, sore throat, fatigue, chest pains.. sometimes brings on my period early. These symptoms can last 2-3 days. I’m also a sensitive empath, and this is making me want to not work.

[response to above]: They are all the same symptoms I get too! And all down my left side of my body aches and aches, my left ear gets blocked and painful.

[another response]: Me too!! I had left side shakes for a day and couldn’t hold things for long….it’s gone now but I’ve never had that before up until I hugged and was around a person that freshly had their booster.

I react to it. How do I know… I had unexplained symptoms of tiredness, heart palpitations, neck and back pain, chest tightness… my homeopath muscle tested me with the homeopathic remedy made from the Pfizer vax and the remedy used for Vax reactions and both tested very strong. Upon taking them for a time, I started to feel better. Some of my older children who live with me are vaxed. I don’t recommend avoiding them unless one’s reactions are severe but usually it’s not. Just good to know that this can happen so you can detox with supplements, herbs, tea, baths, homeopathic remedies, etc. My hubby has headaches and weird feeling I’m the chest plus tiredness, my unvaxed son gets tired.

I watched a video of a doctor explaining how spike proteins can be released through the air you breathe out and through the skin (touching) and body fluids.

Same here. We had a couple that recently had their vax visit [us] for a couple of hours and I had the worst nose bleeds EVER. Lesser bleeds triggered when I’ve been around others. Seems to make a big difference how recently they had it.

After my first I went and stayed with my partner, he got flu like symptoms – he NEVER gets sick. Didn’t think much of it until I returned home and my teenage son developed flu like symptoms and my partner got better the day after I left, went back to visit partner again and he got sick again and son got better. 

My grandkids had rashes all the time they loved with their double jabbed grandparents. Now they are in their own home they haven’t had any rashes. My daughter had heavy periods and her husband had shingles all while they were living there.

Our Miss, 12, suffers dreadfully around vaxed people, worse if they try to hug her. On that note, we all suffer the effects of shedding. We won’t allow vaxed people on the property now as the side effects can be horrific if they are freshly stabbed.

I’m so glad i saw this post, I wanted to share my experience just recently I visited a 60+ year old lady. I didnt know at the time she had just returned from having her booster. I gave her a hug naturally what I do, and because I knew she was all about that pro vax life. Anyway within mins of being around her headaches started, itchy throat and now I am on day 2 parked up in bed, had fatigue and a very sore stomach, loss of appetite, just feeling really run down. This is the 2nd time I have experienced shedding, the 1st was worse, I had all the symptoms everyone else is talking about above, I still have the nose bleeds but I notice it more now that I’m aware of it. I won’t be doing that ever again! I’d recommend staying clear of her, but that’s just my opinion. The illness is not very nice, you will be taking a risk.

One commentator on here has said that the vaxed are a risk to the unvaxed because of shedding and that could be true. Our suggestion therefore is to maintain the social distancing (1 metre) guideline indoors and don’t hug or kiss the jabbed for for a while. But the natural immunity boosters mentioned earlier may eliminate such symptoms.