By Michael Coles

Imagine if there was a simple test to establish if you had covid antibodies that could be carried out at any chemist and the results known within 10 minutes. If there was such a thing, there would be no need for the government to inject everyone with a covid booster shot.

The test could save the taxpayer $Millions in fees to Pfizer as members of the public would pay to get the test and know for sure they are protected against the virus, which has a 99% survival rate [in fact Omicron is close to 100% —Eds].

Thankfully, there is a test – but the New Zealand government has banned it. Jacinda Ardern doesn’t want you to know if you have covid antibodies and therefore able to fight off infections.

Details of the Arca test, which requires a simple drop of blood for testing, was first announced by Radio New Zealand in November 2021. Speculation was that the test – made by Auckland firm Orbis – would be quickly rolled out to chemists across New Zealand. We are still waiting.

And the reason we are still waiting is possibly due to section 37 of the Medicines Act 1981 which prohibits the “importation, manufacture, packing, sale, supply or use of any kits and/or other test materials intended for use as point of care testing for covid-19 infection or for post-infection confirmation using an antigen or antibody detection system”.

The bottom line is that many people could be needlessly injected with a drug they do not need – because they are already immune to the effects of covid.

The government is holding back this technology which could be placed at airports allowing travellers in any direction to be tested.

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