Comments by Roger Dewhurst

He is talking about the delta variant.  The omicron variant is comparable with the common cold.  By the way, that is caused by a corona virus also.  Quinine, followed by chloroquine and then hydroxychloroquine, have been used, for over a century, on an over-the-counter basis, for the treatment and prevention of malaria with no significant side effects.  Patents have lapsed, little profit can be made on this drug.  It has been shown to have antiviral properties against corona virus’. 

Much the same applies with Ivermectin.  The discoverer got a Nobel prize for this one and it was approved for prescription by NZ GPs in 2005.  It has anti-covid properties too.  Come covid, both are suddenly banned.  Why?  Obviously Pfizer did not want cheap cures/prophylactics competing against their untested “vaccine”. 

Just by chance, of course, Ardern’s wealth is reported to have increased from a reasonable $800,000 for a Morrinsville fish and chip wrapper come politician pre covid, to a staggering $25 million now.  The deal that this government did with Pfizer is not exactly emblazoned in the public record.  Was something about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin part of the deal with Pfizer?  I am just asking what if anything.  Would one expect a smart businesswoman capable of turning $800,000 into $25 million in a couple of years be a member, indeed the leader, of the Labour Party?  Such a person would be a National, ACT or Conservative supporter.  Apparently she got a non-degree in Communications or some such from a non University somewhere in the North Island.  Apparently however she did learn enough there to be good at conning the NZ public on TV.  Along with a few of her flunkies she does quite a good job at that as she did today, milking the public for votes.