[a reader] today received an unwanted and unexpected e-mail from this man, Rob Salmond. I never gave him or anyone else in the liebor party my e-mail address and is indicative to me they are starting to sweat. They want money, they can jump in the lake. Here is the text of his e-mail:”

Kia ora Richard,

Happy 2022 to you and your whānau.

You might have seen that Parliament resumed for the year today, with the Prime Minister setting out the Labour Government’s agenda for 2022. I hope you were as proud and excited as I was seeing our plans for the year. It’s really compelling, and there’s a video here if you missed it earlier.

Everything in 2022 builds on our COVID response, of course, and New Zealand enters the year with one of the very best COVID responses in the world. We have a highly vaccinated population that has escaped the worst ravages of the disease. Our confirmed cases, hospitalisations and deaths have been the lowest in the OECD for each of the past two years.

The economy has retained a strong position and is seeing healthy growth, despite obvious challenges in some sectors, unemployment is at record lows, and soon we’ll start reopening our borders to the rest of the world. It really has been a remarkable two years. There’s a lot more hard mahi to do, especially as the Omicron wave arrives, but we enter 2022 in better shape than almost any other country.

What really resonated for me in the PM’s speech was her determination that the government will make progress on our priorities regardless of the circumstances. While responding to COVID is critically important, we can’t and won’t let it crowd out everything else New Zealanders want our government to do, such as:

  • Labour has already delivered more than 22,000 additional student places through new or upgraded classrooms, and we aim to deliver another 10,000 this year.
  • We’ll change the law to enable Fair Pay Agreements, so businesses compete on price, service and quality rather than through driving down vulnerable workers’ wages and conditions.
  • Kāinga Ora and Community Housing Providers will deliver over 2,000 additional public housing places this year, and the Healthy Homes Initiative will be rolled out to nine additional regions.

There are so many great initiatives on the go this year, so have a look at the PM’s statement to see them all.

WATCH: Jacinda sets out priorities for 2022

The PM and her team have done an outstanding job in government, and will continue that in 2022. But they can’t do it alone. They know they’re only there because of your support. The progress we make is all thanks to you. Our achievements are your achievements.

So, it’s a sincere thank you from me and the whole Labour team, and happy 2022.

Ngā mihi,
Rob Salmond

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There’s nothing particularly unusual about political parties seeking money in this fashion, but when a person is a known opponent of it, the question raised is, where did they get his name and e-mail address from?  Who are they using to compile this data?  Jacinda has secret police reports on a large number of her opponents along with their mugshots — police photographers (originally in uniform, these days in mufti) with zoom lens can be seen at every anti-Jacinda government demo. But clearly this guy escaped their surveillance. 

For those who want to inform Mr Salmond and his party not to call, the address is: robsalmond@labour.org.nz