This (brief, silent) footage is one of many disturbing incidents of police brutality witnessed today. It shows 2 of Coster’s thugs dragging a naked woman — named Laura Cassin — by her hair and then sitting on her before a sheet is placed over her head and then another Coster thug gives her the ‘George Floyd treatment.’ Then she is picked and bundled into whereabouts unknown, no doubt for more ‘treatment.’

It was sent to us by a human rights lawyer who says: “It is footage that needs to be seen.

“Some years ago, I was served an ex parte order suppressing the existence of a legal proceeding to destroy my books on a Privy Council case. Secret trial to ban my books!

“And then I became the McKenzie friend for a chap who was arrested by police using a choke hold to wrestle him out of his vehicle parked lawfully on his own property.

“Nothing scares me as much as the way this woman was treated

“Just knowing you have watched this footage comforts me no end.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”