by Christie on The BFD

Suddenly, the most exalted NZ prime minister of all time, the one who was gifted an absolute majority at the last election, can find nowhere to go without protesters. This process started last year, after she put the entire country into Level 4 lockdown for a single case, but has accelerated enormously since the beginning of this year.

Let us not pretend that the Wellington protesters do not have a lot to do with that. Camped on the front lawn of parliament (and now on several of the surrounding streets), it is impossible for her to ignore them, no matter how hard she tries. So her plan lately has been to get out of Wellington all together (which she cannot do indefinitely), and visit schools and kindergartens in other parts of the country. This is a common tactic used by the prime minister; when the going gets tough, she gets going… in the opposite direction, away from the trouble.

On Wednesday, she visited Westport, a town affected by devastating floods last July, and that has also been threatened with more floods this month, thankfully without serious consequences. While using the cover of wanting to inspect the progress on flood recovery, I would hazard a guess that she expected a good reception in Westport. After all, the West Coast has been a Labour stronghold for a century, and Westport is, first and foremost, a mining town.

Sadly for Jacinda, even the folk of Westport don’t like her any more.

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