Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov National Guard batallion.

As usual the Mainstream Media has a Globalist agenda and is presenting a very biased version of the events there. The war actually began in 2014 when the peoples of Ukraine’s pro-Russian eastern provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk — collectively known as Donbass — felt that’d had enough of the severe corruption and economic privation in Ukraine and wanted to become independent.

Since then Ukraine forces have behaved like bullies by shelling and otherwise terrorising these self proclaimed republics which they and NATO refused to recognize. When Russia announced it was recognising them on Monday and would assist in getting rid of Ukraine forces there … oh dear, Russia was ‘declaring war/committing a barbaric attack’ according to the Mainstream Media.

We recommend readers find the other side of the story, and the RT news channel is a good starting point. Here’s an article on the Azov batallion with their Nazi Wolfsangel symbols