by Geoffrey Churchman

During the 23 days it lasted, I often watched the live streams from Freedom Village by Chantelle Baker and Carlene Louise, two endearing wahine who spoke from the heart. They filled me with hope that the more who watched them, the more would realise the damage to the country being done by the present government — but their positivity showed that it can easily be repaired. In fact the general good vibes they showed at the ‘Freehive’ gave that clear message too.

Chantelle’s live stream was most poignant on Black Thursday when her distress at every assault made on a peaceful attendee by a Coster thug was unmistakable, and couldn’t help provoke empathy and emotion.

But with both there was no subsequent sense of anger or desire for revenge that I would probably have felt if I had witnessed friends or whanau being beaten up by miscreant mobsters. The same message in different styles shone through: love and help one another; look for the great treasures in good people. Carlene also emphasised her Christian beliefs (which tend to annoy atheist communists / Jacindanistas) and presented a good role model for that outlook on life.

Much archived video from this wonderful occasion (other than Black Thursday and Ash Wednesday) is still available on their Facebook and Telegram pages, and well worth visiting.