Article on the BFD

from the Kaumatua tent….

Kia ora ano whanau

What I do know is:

We were released about 9:30ish from Parliament grounds.

Everyone had gone, after they were pepper sprayed tear gased & high pressure hosed by firebrigade. The TRUTH will be known soon.

We kaumatua were left alone with no cars or personal belongings. I got separated from my 2 mates & have never felt so alone with 2 brothers living in this city, first cousins in Wainuiomata but could not be near them respecting their views & their support of this govt.

I was standing opp railway station, with a flat phone, no money, no car, when 2 men came up to me & asked if I was ok? One asked where I was from? Gisborne I said. He said do you know the Nukunuku’s, I said yes they’re whanau. He was married to Trish Nielson, I said I know Trish we were in ngati poneke together back in the 70’s. Trish’s mum, Piri Nielson & her sisters Kahu Priest & Jane Nukunuku looked after us back then as young Ngati Poneke performers.

How life has changed!

We observed police using concussion grenades out on the streets when there were not many protesters around.

We rescued another lady who had finished work from defence dept & trains had been cancelled she had no way to let her husband know she was stranded at Wellington railway station. She lived at Porirua and my angels dropped her home.

Kevin & Brent (my 2 guardian angels) bought me back to Titahi Bay for a shower & a lovely warm bed. My cousin Trish Duffy was very surprised haven’t seen her since 1976 🥰

Our cars & property were being held at 11 Prosser St, Porirua, where I met up with the 2 kaumatua te Wairata & Johnny.

We were processed & had pics taken beside our cars before we were allowed to leave. Just like mug shots. The local people were aware police had been preparing the warehouse for something way before riot on parliament grounds.

It’s been 3 days since we were mowed down like dirty scum.

I’m so proud of everyone that came to see for themselves 💜 the love peace & harmony 💖 felt in the past 3wks was just like a nz we once knew.

The uglyness has come from our own. Our people are seriously divided whanau against whanau just like this govt wants.

We have footage of the frenzied police activity at the top as they swept through.

Much love our new whanau from the Freedom Village, at least we tried, we did not give up! God bless.