The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish a weekly Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report containing figures on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths by vaccination status. The latest report, ‘Week 9 – 2022’ was published on Thursday 3 March 22.

In it, the UKHSA provide the Covid-19 death rates per 100k people for the unvaccinated population and the triple vaccinated population by age groups ranging from under 18’s to 80+. However, it was only in the Week 3 – 2022 report that they stopped publishing the death-rate per 100,000 figures for the double vaccinated population.

Prior to this they combined the double and triple vaccinated population figures together for the number of cases, hospitalisations, and deaths as well as for the rates per 100k.

But because the UKHSA kindly provide the number of deaths to have occurred among the double vaccinated in their week 9 report, and also kindly provide the overall population size of the double vaccinated by age group in their ‘Week 8 National Influenza and Covid-19 Statistical Report‘, we’re able to do some simple maths to work out the death rates ourselves, and we can clearly see why the UKHSA have decided to no longer publish the calculated figures.

The following table is taken from the UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 9 – 2022, and can be found on page 44. In it the UKHSA reveal the total number of deaths by vaccination status in England between 31 January and 27 February 2022.

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