Hypocrisy instead of democracy. Today, I got served a trespass order relating to my time at the Wellington protest in February – more than two months later. Peaceful protesting (which is what it was when I was there both times), is allowed in the Bill of Rights.

“I was clear about promoting a peaceful presence, and I did not break any laws being there. This is yet another breach of our democracy, a total suppression of free speech – and just the way this Govt tries to control and stop people from speaking up for what’s right.

“This is yet another reason I started DemocracyNZ – we cannot let this rubbish carry on.

“The courts have found the lockdown was illegal, the mandates were illegal, and MIQ was illegal. Can anyone name one significant aspect of the COVID response that hasn’t been found to be illegal? Their modus operandi seems to be tyranny.”

This has to be the action of The Mallard, but did it have the support of Cuddles and Comrade Jacinda?

An interview with Sean Plunket on The Platform is here


It seems these notices are being sent to every identified person who spoke at or supported Freedom Village, including Winston Peters. Talk about ingratitude — if it hadn’t been for Winston, The Mallard would still be making a fool of himself on the opposition benches and Comrade Jacinda would have gone to a job in the U.N. organised for her by Aunty Helen. —Eds