Arborists will be busy and plant nursey operators will be having extra customers for replacements.

Sunday night’s wild weather brought out the MSM stormchasers yesterday morning to survey the damage caused by Sunday night’s stormy weather. Here are TV1’s report and another report.

Even the Guardian made mention of Waikanae: “One of the areas worst-hit by storms is Waikanae, a town 50 km [actually 55 km but who’s quibbling] north of Wellington, which reported two tornadoes on Monday night” and posted this picture of a foamy Pukerua Bay. The tornados were fortunately small and localised and not the type they get in America. From a little inspection tour we made today the Barrett and Queens intersection in the Beach Zone took the brunt of it. Not much is obvious elsewhere.

Fortunately the recently opened TG Route enabled State Highway One users to by-pass the foam.

The TV1 reporter mentions 400 lightning strikes and that seems about right from our observation, they certainly prevented a good night’s sleep with the ensuing thunderclaps. This is the aspect that is rare in Kapiti and NZ generally as cross air currents with clouds tend not to happen — they flow in one direction at a time.